They say that the first step is the hardest

This is my first attempt at blogging.  I don't know how well I'll do.  Frankly, I hate reading blog posts about blogging, but consider this my extended "About Me."  As in, this is what I did today and this is why.

Since I was a kid I knew that I wanted to be a writer.  I think I wrote my first "book" when I was in second grade.  You know, the ones with the curly plastic edge piece thingy (I'm sure it has a name but who has time to look that up??  How would one even go about looking that up??).  I'm sure that my mom still has the book.  I think I remember crayon pictures added and I'm sure it had a thrilling plotline.  That aside, I got the bug when I was young.  It never seemed like work to me; writing was, and is, pleasurable.  I have at least a dozen old journals that I wish to have burned at my death.

All that said, writing has gotten away from me.  It's interesting that everyone wants to be a parent and you say you're so happy to give yourself over to parenting and put your kids needs before your own.  But then it actually happens and fast forward ten years and... hobbies?  What are those?  Interests?  Desires?

I'm at a place where my kids are kind of under control, as much as they ever will be.  We moved to a wonderful house last year, sooooo much better than our old one.  Things are going pretty good.  Our baby really isn't a baby anymore, so we don't get up in the middle of the night nearly as often.  What to do with the hours at the end of the day?

I love Facebook.  Some people hate it and that's fine.  I totally get why.  I find a lot of Facebook extremely annoying.  But what I love about is that no matter how I am feeling, I can put it out there and it instantly gets better.  It's not about the likes or the comments, it's the cathartic act of letting it go.  The thought itself becomes its own thing and once I express it, it's gone.  Whatever worry I had, it goes away.

It's not enough for me anymore though.  I have feelings and opinions that are larger than a few sentences worth.  (I could never do twitter; one sentence just won't do.)  I am officially joining the ranks of the bloggers.  This may end up being nothing more than a poorly written, public diary, but at least I finally did it.  I have wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember, but guess what??  I haven't been writing a damn word.

I'm changing that today.