Happy anniversary special education

Facebook just informed me that on this day, five years ago, the department of special education evaluated my daughter and welcomed us into their family.

In my post I said that I was confused and sad and frustrated to find out that things weren't going to go as I had expected.

Five years ago, and yet, a lifetime.

Here's what I've learned in five years....

All the doctors in the world can't tell you what's going to happen with your kid. There is no "never" or "can't."

All parents get it wrong sometimes, and that's ok, as long as we keep going.

Your child is so much more than what a piece of paper says.

Your child really can do anything. Really. You may have to help find out how, and it may be different from how others do it, but that's ok.

Expectations are completely useless to everyone involved and are only incubators for worry and stress.

Worrying does nobody any good, ever.

Good doctors are so rare and precious. You have the right to say no to a doctor. In the end, they are business people and you have a choice.

Special education is really just specialized education and, when used correctly and appropriately, is the best thing in the world. Never the worst.

Neurodiversity is a movement, and I proudly support it.

Presuming competence is the most important thing in the world, far more important than any test results or assessments.

Happy five years, special education. You've pained me at times, I won't lie. But the good times have far outweighed the bad.

(Picture is of three little girls dancing to a television image of Let it Go. Two of them receive special education services. Three of them are awesome.)