In my quest to read 200 books this year, I have found that I require a little more diversity in the books that I am reading. Otherwise, *gasp*, I am getting a little tired of all this reading.

I hit 25 books over the weekend, so I'm a little behind on my goal, for anyone keeping tabs.

I bought a book of poetry recently. I think the last time I bought a book of poetry, I was in college, going through my female angst, self discovery, "I should probably read a book of poetry because I'm an English major" period.

I am actually enjoying the book, but it's making me think in poetry, which is a little confusing and hilarious.

Here are some of my "poems." It's ok, as I stated before, I have a degree in english.


Ashes to ashes 

They have found their way in 

They scramble and burrow

The dog is fascinated  

My husband threw the babies into the yard

He said the parents would hear their screams and find them

I cannot comprehend how to feel about this

The mice have gotten into the compost bin again



Sometimes we can be close and not touch 

Please go pick up the blocks

"I'm thirsty" is not a question and I am not your servant

You have hands, go get it yourself

Please do not touch your sister

Please do not touch your sister


Am I still talking? 

Oh god, why am I still talking? 

I went to college

I remember, I did

Please, child, don't touch me anymore



When they are gone, the silence starts oppressive   

I squander the minutes

I do not turn on the television

I sit in silence and breathe

I do not waste time missing them

I feel guilty about this



Oh shit, what are we going to have for dinner?  

I question my sanity when I realize that I ask myself this question every single day

Why must they always be so hungry  

And then not eat any of it

The blue plate has magic power

I hate the blue plate

Three more green beans, please



So there ya go. I could keep going all day. I should've gotten that emphasis in poetry instead of creative writing. It's kind of fun to think in poems.